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Below are links to the free information we provide for Race Directors. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE because it's the only place these links are made available.


If you want to talk to someone from Theme Runs or Puzzle Runs for more details or information, you can contact us below.

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Race Director To Do List
This is a detailed checklist of things you need to do and when they should be done. Download the file and make changes specific to your event.
To Do List Races - GENERIC Rev 03.doc
Microsoft Word document [30.5 KB]

Race Themes and Ideas


By giving your race a theme or "hook" you can significantly increase attendance. We've tested dozens of themes and have the more successful ones available for you to license. We take care of the marketing materials, website, registration and more. 


Click Here to see the Themes and Ideas

Race Forms and Online Registration Information


We've designed registration forms that people actually fill out properly. Waivers for participants, a spreadsheet to track volunteers and where to get insurance for your race. Download any of them for free. 


Click Here to see Race Forms and Online Registration Information

Instructional Videos


Here's how to setup a water station, run a paper registration and make reusable signs to cheer runners on. Plus where to order the cups, banners and a sign you can print out to help with registration. 


Click Here to see Instructional Videos

Merchandise and Giveaways


Getting the word out about a race doesn't just happen online. Posters put up at key locations around town attract attention and Rack Cards in other race bags target people who already like to run. We've got samples of a few we've used to give you ideas and where we've ordered them for better pricing. 


We also provide details on where you can order Runners in Road, Info and Race Turnaround Signs. 


When people come by to pickup their bib, they expect goodies. Find out the bags we've used, where to get them from and how to get lots of good stuff to put in them. You're going to love the Sample Guy. 


Click Here to see Merchandise and Giveaways

Sample Letters


For a lot of races, the runners are just half the story. It's the race sponsors that allow the event to happen and make the event profitable. We've got sample letters you can use that have helped us reach our sponsorship goals and a follow-up card for award winners.


Click Here to see Sample Letters



Complete lists of all the winners medals you're going to need along with a text file you can update and send to the engravers for the back of every one. The files list the categories, age and gender breakdown so you don't have to think about it. 


Click Here for the Medals Files

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