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How to set up and break down a waterstation

Where to get Water Cups

We order cups that are fully bio-degradable. Since there are hundreds used in a typical race, it's an obvious way to help the environment. 


We order from the Eco Products Store. You can choose the 7 or 10 oz. cups. The 7 ounce are less expensive and there's less energy to make them, so that's our preferred choice. 


7 Oz. Eco Products Corn Plastic Cups

10 Oz. Eco Products Corn Plastic Cups


We also printed out a sheet and laminated it, explaining to people what type of cups we use. They are included with the cups and kits that go to the water station. Below is a copy of that sheet for you to print out. 

Corn Plastic Cup Sign
This can be printed out on regular 8.5 x 11 paper. Laminate it if you want to keep it for multiple races. The sign explains you are using biodegradable corn plastic cups.
JPG image [1.6 MB]

Packet Pickup and New Registration

Check Your Bib Sign

At the packet pick up and bib pick up table, we post these signs that encourage people to verify three things. Their name, their age and their gender. Very important information when you're giving out awards based on that information. 


For the runners, if you're not using live - online registration, we print out a label that attaches to the back of every bib. It shows the runner name, race category (runner or walker), gender, age, address and t-shirt size. That's what our computer has in it so the runner can make sure it's correct. 


Putting the t-shirt size on it makes it easy when they come for a packet pick up. You grab the bib and then check what their t-shirt is. Hand them the shirt and bag, then send them on their way. 


Print out a few copies of the sign on 8.5 x 11 paper and laminate them. We put two together so every sign is double sided. That way you catch and correct mistakes before the race is even started. 

Check Your Bib Sign
Put these at the packet pick up and Bib pick up areas to make sure everyone checks their information.
JPG image [1.3 MB]

Making Race Signs

Race Signs

To keep runners motivated, we suggest you have a cheering team that are holding fun signs along the race course. If you only have a couple people, put them at mile marker 2 of a 5K race. If you have more, put them at Mile 1 and Mile 2 of a 5K race. Some sign samples we use are below. 


All the signs are 2 foot x 2 foot in size, 250 Dots Per Inch JPG files. They can be uploaded to a banner company and made for around $20 a sign (or less) including shipping. 


We've been using a company called www.bannersonthecheap.com and been very happy with the results.


Then we attach them to a sign board so they're ready for the race. The video on how to make the signs is above.

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