Merchandise and Giveaways 

Posters & Rack Cards

In a town of 25,000 people, we hang up between 100 and 150 posters (11x17) glossy. We put them in prominent places like popular restaurants, bars, gyms, social clubs, hair salons and grocery stores.


Always make a list of all the places the posters went up, so you can go when the event is over and remove them. Don't leave it up to the merchant to remove them, it's not their responsibility. They gave you the free space to begin with!


We like the quality and price for posters from PSPrint.com or UPrinting.com.

Poster Samples

Rack Cards

Rack cards can be distributed during OTHER races being held before yours. To make printing the cards more economical, partner with another event and print their details on one side, yours on the reverse. Rack cards make great bag stuffers for 5K races.


Have your card stand out by following a few simple rules.


  • First, always make sure the headline across the top will grab attention, because in some stands only the top part is visibile.
  • Second, make the card glossy, because that tends to repel water a little better. If a card gets wet, it's less likely to get ruined.
  • Third, when a printer makes it available, we choose rounded corners on our cards. Straight corners can get bent, making the card look less "presentable" AND rounded corners give them a fun "retro" look.


We like the quality and price for rack cards from OvernightPrints.com and Uprinting.com.

Rack Card Samples

Race Signup Banners

At special events and the day before the race, we put up a table to hand out packets and bibs to people who register early. That saves time the day of the race. 


What most race directors forget is that it's also an opportunity to sign up people who are walking or driving by. So we made banners that we attached to the table or fence where we're holding the sign-up.


The banners tell everyone what you're doing and gives them the website, so if they're in a hurry, they can look it up for more information later.  


Don't forget to bring some way to attach the banner to your table, fence or building. 


We use the 2 foot x 5 foot size and if you license one of our races, we'll prepare a file especially for you. We order them from Banners on the Cheap.


For banners hung up weeks before the event with dates and times, we use the same company but make the banners a larger 4 foot x 8 foot size.

Race Caution / Info / Turnaround Signs

There's Waldo and the Turnaround sign! There's Waldo and the Turnaround sign!

These are the signs that we use on the race course, to warn motorists about the runners and let the runners know where they're supposed to turn around. 


There's also an info sign you can use at the sign-up area with someone who can answer general questions for runners. 


You can put these signs on a simple A Frame you make yourself. We chose large commercial A Frames that we purchased on Amazon. They can be filed with water or sand, to stand up to high winds. They look great, year after year. 


Download the banners below and print them at Bannners on the Cheap


You can order the A Frames we use at the Amazon link below. When the banners arrive, cut the white border off and attach them to the orange frames with commercial double sided tape. 


Amazon.com A Frame link.

Information Sign
JPG image [3.0 MB]
Caution Runners on the Road
JPG image [5.0 MB]
Left Turnaround Sign
JPG image [3.4 MB]
Right Turnaround Sign
JPG image [3.4 MB]

Goodie / Grab / Swag Bags

Most races hand out swag bags full of goodies for the racers. They typically include small packaged food items, discount cards, the race t-shirt and marketing materials for other races coming up. 


We like the bags from 4 Imprint.


The bag we order is: Oxo-Biodegradable Grab Bag - 15" x 11.


They are extremely inexpensive, the orders are turned around fast and they're biodegradable so they won't linger in the environment when people throw them away. 


Part of your sponsorship should include putting the sponsors name on the bag. At Theme Runs we only include sponsors that have purchased for the entire race season. Then we print as many bags as we need for all our races that year to save money. 


Giveaways from local businesses are always good, but it's great to have food and other items as well. Since purchasing hundreds of food packets can be expensive, we have an alternative.


Call, email or visit the website of Marty the Sample Guy. He gets hundreds of samples that big companies want to get in consumer hands and then arranges to ship them to you, as long as you just cover the cost of shipping. You get great giveaways, your racers get stuff they'll remember and the companies get samples in the hands of eager potential customers.


Marty Decker
The Sample Guy, Inc.
1256 Garden Hwy., Ste. D
Yuba City, CA 95991

Mobile: (530) 632-4592(530) 632-4592
Fax: (530) 674-1218


Click Here for the SampleGuy.com website.



Over the years we've been asking runners what they WANT in their grab bags and after the race. Instead of simply putting things in that are cheap, wouldn't it make more sense to provide things runners would actually use? Here are some things we've come up with. 


Chewy Bars

We've been ordering boxes of 58 Quaker Chewy Granola bars for less than $10. They're both tasty and provide some quick energy when people are waiting before a race. 


Fruit Snacks

We include Mott's Medley's Fruit Snacks. They're a little like gumi snacks and you can get a box of 40 packets for about $6. 


Individual Hand Sanitizer Bottles

When a race is over runners get bagles, donuts, bananas and other food items. However most races don't have a sink where you can wash your hands. So we provide small bottles of hand sanitizer for each runner so they can use them and get the food without germs. 


Wash Cloths at Race End

We now provide bins of wash clothes at the end of the race for all runners. They can grab them to wipe their face and hands. Right next to the wash cloth handout is a clear bag with a sign on it that indicates that is where they are to be thrown. We then sanitize them after each race (in non-scented detergent) so they can be reused. If a runner does walk away with the rag, they only cost about 60 cents each, so they're inexpensive to replace. Runners love them!


Flyers from OTHER Races

Runners love races, so why not provide information on other runs in your area? Talk with other races and ask to include rack/cards or flyers in THEIR bags and invited them to put their information in YOUR bags. Everybody wins!


Can Sleeves or Can Coolies

Sponsors provide can sleeves that we put in large bins at the bag pickup area. Customers that want one can then grab them if they want, or skip them if they don't. 

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