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Sample Letter to Sponsors

Sample Letter to Sponsors for Donations
What to ask for and how to make it appealing.
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Congratulations Medal - Follow Up Card

After every awards ceremony there are medals left unclaimed. At Theme Runs we like to hold the awards ceremony 1 hour after the race start, because by then most people will be across the finish line. 


For all the people who have left already, we put the medal, along with a card in a padded envelope and mail it out. The cards we have printed by Vista Print.


We posted our design, so you can edit it to your liking and order them for your next race. We typically mail out 1/3 of the medals after every race. So for a typical race with 64 medals, you would need 20 cards. 


Here is the link to our card on Vista Print.

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Key West, FLORIDA 33041

Phone: (305) 747-8563


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